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Testimonials – Swine

I’ve been using the StandAlone product for about a year now and I have had excellent results as far as skin, hair, and overall bloom of the pig. When traveling 30+ hours to national shows, StandAlone has really helped keep my boars appetite and feed consumption up.


- Ryan Watje, W-D Swine Farm

Stand Alone is truly an unique and unmatched supplement; as a breeder I am often asked what one supplement will produce the best results, and it is without hesitation and with great confidence that I highly recommend Stand Alone! Our customers, here at No Limit Genetics, have had tremendous success with Stand Alone, because it is unparalleled to any one supplement, it contributes positively to skin, hair, joints and feed consumption. Thanks Jonathan and Stand Alone for giving our pigs a more competitive edge.

- Adam Mendonza, No Limit Genetics

I have found here at Young Livestock, that shortly after starting StandAlone in our feeding program, it has made it easier and faster to put that show-ring bloom on our show pigs. It gives the extra fat cover over the forerib plus the added value of skin and hair looking fresh on a daily basis.


- Dan Young, Young Livestock

A lot of the products out their only address one symptom of raising livestock. We really felt the need for a product that could encapsulate everything in one bottle. We made something that could replace multiple additives in today’s market and be successful in doing so.

- Jonathan Hjelmervik, StandAlone Feed, LLC