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Testimonials – Sheep

We started feeding Stand Alone for sheep back in the heat of the summer to help add a little extra energy and bloom to those late born babies. We have since incorporated into our entire show barn!  I noticed a difference immediately at how well everything came to feed.  They are eating more aggressively than ever before and everything seems to stay a lot fresher, especially when we are traveling and showing.


- Darick Chabot, Chabot Club Lambs

When Jonathan approached me about trying the “Stand Alone” feed supplement in our summer set of jackpot lambs, I was a little skeptical about how they would respond to it during the extreme heat. However I was shocked to notice that they never scoured or went off feed. What is even more impressive is that the longer that they have been on it, the fresher they handle and the more fit they appear!


- Josh Cody, Cody Livestock

I would like to thank you for developing a supplement that is so easy to feed and delivers multiple benefits. The StandAlone Lamb supplement has really delivered. Not only has it made the lambs more aggressive towards the feed bucket, but it has put a smooth cover on them without making them soft to the touch. We not only use it but, we also have all of our show kids using this amazing product. We appreciate the opportunity to use this innovative product.



- Lelton Morse, Morse Club Lambs

A lot of the products out their only address one symptom of raising livestock. We really felt the need for a product that could encapsulate everything in one bottle. We made something that could replace multiple additives in today’s market and be successful in doing so.

- Jonathan Hjelmervik, StandAlone Feed, LLC