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Testimonials – Goat

As a feeder the hardest task is keeping animals on feed. StandAlone is my g0-to product when preparing sheep and goats for shows. Not only does it help to increase appetites, their skin and hair look fresh. I’ve found out that they don’t stress as much hauling to the shows. It was quoted after the champion goat was selected at Tulsa State Fair, that he “stood alone” compared to the competition in his class. I fully believe that StandAlone allowed his full genetic potential to be brought to the forefront. I will never feed another show animal without using StandAlone again.

- Morgan Hallock,

At J and J Livestock StandAlone Goat is our supplement of choice. We start our weanling kids on it to keep that bloomy look for sales, we use it on our entire show string and recommend it to all of our customers. We notice increased appetite, higher energy and great hide and hair coat.


- Justin Burns, J and J Livestock

Since we have begun utilizing Stand Alone, we have been blown away by the results. We start all of our sale kids on it in the creep feeder and recommend strongly that they stay on it after the sale. We have seen a dramatically increased appetite, quicker bloom with a fresher handle and improved skin and hair quality, even in the scorching heat of a West Texas Summer. The most important place we use it at Fleming Livestock is in our breeding program. The bucks have improved fertility and semen quality especially noticed in the frozen semen. We have seen a consistent increase in embryo numbers and the donors rebound quicker after surgery. Stand Alone has become a product I won’t go without in any specie.

- Bronc Fleming, Fleming Livestock

A lot of the products out their only address one symptom of raising livestock. We really felt the need for a product that could encapsulate everything in one bottle. We made something that could replace multiple additives in today’s market and be successful in doing so.

- Jonathan Hjelmervik, StandAlone Feed, LLC