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What are THEY feeding?


Let me set the stage. You’re standing ringside watching the grand champion drive. Friends around you are judging this class before they even make the first turn in the ring. Your eye is drawn to the young lady in her lucky teal button-down, not because you notice she is wearing the same shirt as yesterday, but because her animal is the only one sticking out in the crowd. It’s not perfect, but there is something about her animal drawing you to it, even after you try to focus on the judge’s monologue.


Now another show is in the books and they did well, but you can’t shake this nagging feeling they could have done better. As you lug, load after load, to the trailer, you walk past a crowd in the stalls where the grand champion banner hangs. People are stopping and congratulating the young lady in teal and her parents, taking pictures and asking the usual questions: Where did he come from? Who did he come out of? What did you feed him?


“What did you feed him?” That sticks with you as you grunt your showbox back into its familiar spot on the trailer, almost run over by the family who always appears to have somewhere else to be. You’ve been feeding the same tried-and-true assortment of your special feed mixture, and the exact cocktail of supplements for long enough to forget exactly why you started.


Maybe it’s time for a change. After all, if you aren’t moving forward, you’re moving backward.


StandAlone Feed Inc., is proud to push champions forward with the release of StandAlone Chubby™ for Cattle, Swine, Sheep and Goats. In six short months on the market it’s already seen tremendous success. However, don’t take it from us. See what the champions have to say when asked, “what are you feeding?”


Ryan Watje, WD Swine Farm Turlock, CA -

“I have been using the Chubby product for a few months now on a few select Boars. The Chubby product has really helped keep the boars appetite at a high level and they are consuming considerably more feed. Chubby is working extremely well on pigs that have to travel long distances in a trailer. In addition to keeping them on feed, I can use it at the show to get the correct fill on the pigs. They are addicted to the Chubby product.”


Darick Chabot, Chabot Club Lambs, TX -

“I started using Chubby because I was looking for a quick way to put some bloom on a set of thin lambs, that were not ready to haul. At the time when I started feeding Chubby I was not currently feeding any StandAlone products. I incorporated it slowly over a few days and increased it to about 3 oz per head per day with no problems.  I noticed a significant difference in muscle expression and bloom in two weeks-time. The primary effect that I noticed was an increase in muscle expression followed by more fat deposition.”


Kody Howe, Blissard Cattle Company, TX -

“I’m always looking for a feed supplement to improve gain and add fat to my show steers.  When StandAlone introduced Chubby I was excited to give it a try.  When I started feeding it I simply replaced my StandAlone Regular and realized it was very palatable.  I could tell within a couple weeks that my cattle were laying on the cover they were lacking and really blooming and gaining weight more rapidly than before. It is a very good supplement and I’m looking forward to seeing the end results this spring.  We have fed StandAlone for several years and have been happy and successful as a result of this product.  We recommend the use of StandAlone and the new line Chubby for anyone wanting to find the backdrop.


Purchase StandAlone Chubby HERE



What makes Chubby so special?


StandAlone Feed recently released a new product line, CHUBBY™, marking the beginning of an exciting time for the livestock supplement company.


In 2012, Jonathan Hjelmervik recognized the need for a livestock supplement that addressed several areas of animal performance, as existing products on the market were focused on a single performance area causing the need for several supplements. At the time Hjelmervik was working in the commercial livestock feed industry, and decided to combine his animal nutrition expertise and long-time involvement in the livestock showing community to develop a single product that could be used in place of several.


The StandAlone Regular product line is a liquid product which targets appetite, hair coat, joint and hoof health, muscle and fat development, and fertility, with cattle, sheep, goat and swine variations available. The product is designed to improve and maintain animal condition year-round and has been recognized in the crowning of numerous champions across the country since its inception.


Chubby™ was developed as an additional tool for StandAlone Regular users. Produced with the same great mineral, vitamin and yeast package as all StandAlone products, the Chubby™ line is a high energy supplement designed to boost animal performance over a shorter time period.


So, what makes Chubby™ so special?


Chubby™ uses a new blend of 4 sugars and Rice Bran oil. While most livestock supplements on the market rely on commodity grade molasses as a source of sugar, Chubby has little molasses content, and three sources of human food-grade sugar. By switching from the sucrose found in molasses for fructose and glucose, Hjelmervik has improved the ability for livestock to process sugar efficiently. Fructose and glucose are single units of sugar, called monosaccharides, and are the two sugars that make up sucrose, which is a disaccharide. Less energy is required for an animal to metabolize monosaccharides, versus disaccharides. Therefore, more energy is available to be directed to other bodily processes for quicker results. Rice bran oil has long been recognized as benefitting muscle development in livestock, and is high in Vitamin E and Gamma Oryzanol.


Hjelmervik sees Chubby™ as the product of choice for owners who want to boost their animal’s performance but don’t have the luxury of time. In particular, he sees a great application of the product in the sale preparation of show livestock. Chubby™ can be used to complement usage of StandAlone Regular – users can feed Chubby™ to reach ideal body condition, and then switch to StandAlone regular to maintain that level of performance.


Chubby™ is already outperforming the expectations of Hjelmervik – trial participants have reported Chubby is helping hydrate muscles, increase bloom and shape, all while improving condition. It has produced a number of champions from the group of users who trialed the product earlier this year – a testament to Hjelmervik’s ethos of making the best product available, not the cheapest to produce.



StandAlone Feed Announces New and Improved Cattle Nutrition Supplement

New product line CHUBBY™ now available




ROTAN, TEXAS – StandAlone Feed released a new product line, CHUBBY™, for all classes of beef cattle. CHUBBY combines the reliability of the StandAlone brand of feed supplements with an improved formula for palatability, user experience and energy.


“I think CHUBBY will deliver the quality results our customers have come to expect, now with added benefits not seen in our other products,” says Jonathan Hjelmervik, president and owner of StandAlone.


StandAlone Feed, who  is committed to formulating supplements with more key nutrients at more effective levels, provides the same quality in CHUBBY, with more ease of use for customers. Additionally, the new formula combines 4 different sugars from the human-food industry, and Rice Bran Oil to provide an unmatched energy profile not found in livestock supplements today.


CHUBBY provides nutrients for optimal appetite, hair coat, joint and hoof health, and fat development. StandAlone’s unique blend of protein, fat, sugars, yeast, nucleotides and minerals are specifically calculated to help animals reach their full genetic potential.


Research suggests optimal nutrition and gut-health are keys to keeping an animal healthy and progressively gaining. With the addition of a properly-calculated feed supplement, like CHUBBY, cattle showman could see better results.


“I think it’s important to add a feed supplement,” Hjelmervik says. “It’s not about making a bad calf good, but helping all animals reach their full potential through an ideal balance of nutrition and health.”


Same as the original StandAlone supplement, CHUBBY can be applied to daily feedings. Stay tuned as CHUBBY for sheep and goats will be available this September, with a swine product to follow in the fall.


You can view a video of StandAlone president and owner, Jonathan Hjelmervik, speaking about the product, by clicking here.




StandAlone Feed develops livestock nutritional feed supplements formulated with more key nutrients and at more effective levels than all the rest. StandAlone’s mission is to help livestock reach their full genetic protentional with optimal nutrition and health. StandAlone Feed is a privately owned company. For more information on this and other StandAlone products, please visit or call (855) 216.6705.





7 Ways To Keep Your Stock Cool This Summer


Fall will be here before you know it, but some of the year’s hottest days remain. Use these tips to keep your animals cool and comfortable.


1. Shade


One of the most effective ways to beat the heat is to block the sun. Open-sided structures and trees both help cool a space without blocking the breeze.
 2. Fans


A well-placed fan (or several) will help stir up the air.


3. Misting Systems


A good mister can help cool the air by 15 degrees or more. Just be sure it’s putting out the optimum amount to cool the air without increasing the humidity.


4. Ice, ice baby


Toss some ice in a feed pan or on concrete flooring and let livestock chew on it.


5. A spray of the hose


But be careful to start at the feet and work up to prevent shock.


6. Working during the early and late hours


Let animals rest during the heat of the day.


7. Cool and plentiful drinking water


You’ve heard it before: Animals (and people) can go a lot longer without food than water. And in the hot summer months, it becomes even more important. Keep the supply full and cool 24/7.



Tools For Success

By Brandon Horn

Breeding and raising quality cattle is simple math: you get out, what you put in. The most important input you have is time. You have to spend time working with them, observing them and learning their individual needs. Once you know their needs it is a simple process of using the tools at your disposal to compensate for their deficiencies and pushing them to reach their genetic potential. One of our tools for success is StandAlone Feed Supplements and we use it for a variety of reasons.

Once we find a calf that has the pieces we like it is now our responsibility to develop them into a quality show animal. Therefore, we use StandAlone to promote and stimulate good appetite. Most problems we encounter can be corrected with proper nutrition but it doesn’t matter what nutritional value your feed contains if they don’t eat it.

Now the fact that StandAlone promotes good appetite is not what makes it unique, it’s how it does it.  Unlike using oils and other products to put fat and condition on them this won’t raise their body temperature so they will eat and do well in the summer time. The nutrients found in this product are not only unique themselves but the levels they are mixed at gives us the right combination of muscle development and fat cover that we are looking for in our projects to succeed in the show ring.

The show ring, however, is a beauty contest. You have to have an outstanding animal, it has to be sound, it has to move well, but its presentation has to be right to set you apart from everyone else. StandAlone puts a special kind of shine to their coat we can’t find elsewhere. Their skin and hair are in top condition and we don’t see any type of dandruff or flakes. When all the other animals in the ring have a solid frame and optimal conditioning, it’s the little things that make you stand alone.

A Stock Show Mom’s Six C’s to Success

By a Lifelong Stock Show Mom

Spring time….my favorite time of the year, grass is turning green and spring babies are hitting the ground! With spring – most families undergo spring cleaning – but in our house spring means one thing – the major show season is behind us.

We undergo a different type of spring cleaning at our house. It is time for us to clean out our barn and start shopping for next year’s show animals. Picking out a show animal can be overwhelming, but it should be a fun, enjoyable learning experience. The first tip I would give anyone is to ask for help if you are uncomfortable picking out your animal. Ask your FFA advisor or 4-H agent – they are resources at your fingertips. Next, follow the Six C’s for Success:

Select an animal not only with good conformation, but with a personality you can work with.

There are no shortcuts to success. A consistent program encompassing regular workouts will accomplish more than a last minute flurry of activity two weeks before the show.

Set calendar deadlines with ration changes, halter breaking, clipping and grooming, and practice shows. Maintain a regular daily schedule of feeding, handling and grooming your animal. Two weeks before the fair is not the time to start training your show animal.

Learn what your animal’s conformational strengths and weaknesses are so as to successfully emphasize the positive and downplay faults. Similarly, if the show animal has a personality flaw that will make showing difficult, plan ahead and compensate for this in the show ring.

Show with confidence. Adequate preparation will allow you to show with a smile on your face. Be thoroughly familiar with rations, average daily gain, current weight, purchase weight, age, and breed of animal so you can answer questions from the judge. It is also important to be able to identify the different parts of the animal and the associated retail and whole sale cuts. You can help “psych” yourself up by rehearsing the show in your mind with good and bad things that could happen and how you would handle them. Performing in a practice show with members of your club or family acting as a judge and announcer and ring steward is helpful.

Demonstrate impeccable ethics in the preparation preceding the show and during the show itself. Be courteous to all other exhibitors, parents and leaders. The livestock show is the culmination of the project year for many livestock participants and the community. Youth livestock exhibitors represent the livestock industry at fairs and shows to the public. A little courtesy (as well as a lot of honesty) goes a long way in relations with the public.

StandAlone Shines at San Antonio

By Jonathan Hjelmervik


StandAlone Feed had a great year. In 2014, we released four new products (Goat, Sheep, Swine and Swine High Fat) and focused on making StandAlone a success for any animal you choose to show. To me, nothing exemplifies 2014’s success more than the achievements of our customers at the 2015 San Antonio Stock Show.


Twenty-six StandAlone customers were recognized at the Breed/Division Champion level or higher across four species in both market and breeding shows. While cattle still dominate the champion list, the species using the new products are catching up quickly. Swine has only been on the market for 6 months and we are already seeing an impact at the highest level. I can’t wait to see what happens at upcoming shows.


Congratulations to all of our champions:


Jordan Schroeder-Edmiston – Grand Champion Market LambTyler Endicott – Grand Champion HogJagger Horn – Grand Champion SteerDawson Raub – Reserve Grand Champion SteerLillie Skiles – Reserve Supreme Champion FemaleKyle Ramsey – Champion Southdown Market LambIan Cobb – Reserve Champion Middle Weight goatLillie Skiles – Champion Shorthorn FemaleStewart Skiles – Reserve Champion Charolais FemaleAubree Blissard – Champion Simmental FemaleTate Villanueva – Champion Santa Gertrudis FemaleMyka Blissard – Reserve Champion Shorthorn FemaleKaty Smith – Champion Maine Anjou Steer Caitlyn Skiles – Champion Charolais SteerLillie Skiles – Champion Chianina SteerTreyton Clark – Champion Shorthorn SteerClay Cole – Champion Angus SteerTristan Himes – Champion Simmental SteerCade Waldrip - Champion Hereford SteerChase Waldrip – Champion Brangus SteerMason Koepp – Champion Simbrah SteerKaitlyn Kempen – Champion ABC SteerJaylee Gandy – Reserve Champion Limousin SteerHunter Cudd – Reserve Champion Shorthorn SteerStock Martin – Reserve Champion Charolais SteerJacob Fulgham – Reserve Champion Chester Gilt