I’ve been using the StandAlone product for about a year now and I have had excellent results as far as skin, hair, and overall bloom of the pig. When traveling 30+ hours to national shows, StandAlone has really helped keep my boars appetite and feed consumption up.


- Ryan Watje, W-D Swine Farm

We started out with the bulls that summer and within the first two weeks I saw real big difference. The bulls were getting a lot stouter, their weight-per-day of age, the way they consumed feed, it was just really really good. From that point on I was a big fan and knew it was the thing for me. We went ahead and put all the show cattle on it full time and the biggest thing I have seen is just how they attack the feed.

- Garrett Blanchard, Silveira Brothers

Stand Alone is truly an unique and unmatched supplement; as a breeder I am often asked what one supplement will produce the best results, and it is without hesitation and with great confidence that I highly recommend Stand Alone! Our customers, here at No Limit Genetics, have had tremendous success with Stand Alone, because it is unparalleled to any one supplement, it contributes positively to skin, hair, joints and feed consumption. Thanks Jonathan and Stand Alone for giving our pigs a more competitive edge.

- Adam Mendonza, No Limit Genetics

I have found here at Young Livestock, that shortly after starting StandAlone in our feeding program, it has made it easier and faster to put that show-ring bloom on our show pigs. It gives the extra fat cover over the forerib plus the added value of skin and hair looking fresh on a daily basis.


- Dan Young, Young Livestock

Within a week of feeding StandAlone the hair looked healthier, with more shine and bloom, overall just higher quality. During the summer it helps keep cattle on feed. No matter how often we change our rations it keeps them eating consistently and drives their appetite. We even feed it to some of our sale calves and you can see a difference in the stress level and overall animal health as they transition to their new home.

- Jeremy Clark, Clark Show Cattle

Since we have begun utilizing Stand Alone, we have been blown away by the results. We start all of our sale kids on it in the creep feeder and recommend strongly that they stay on it after the sale. We have seen a dramatically increased appetite, quicker bloom with a fresher handle and improved skin and hair quality, even in the scorching heat of a West Texas Summer. The most important place we use it at Fleming Livestock is in our breeding program. The bucks have improved fertility and semen quality especially noticed in the frozen semen. We have seen a consistent increase in embryo numbers and the donors rebound quicker after surgery. Stand Alone has become a product I won’t go without in any specie.

- Bronc Fleming, Fleming Livestock

We started feeding Stand Alone for sheep back in the heat of the summer to help add a little extra energy and bloom to those late born babies. We have since incorporated into our entire show barn!  I noticed a difference immediately at how well everything came to feed.  They are eating more aggressively than ever before and everything seems to stay a lot fresher, especially when we are traveling and showing.


- Darick Chabot, Chabot Club Lambs

When Jonathan approached me about trying the “Stand Alone” feed supplement in our summer set of jackpot lambs, I was a little skeptical about how they would respond to it during the extreme heat. However I was shocked to notice that they never scoured or went off feed. What is even more impressive is that the longer that they have been on it, the fresher they handle and the more fit they appear!


- Josh Cody, Cody Livestock

I would like to thank you for developing a supplement that is so easy to feed and delivers multiple benefits. The StandAlone Lamb supplement has really delivered. Not only has it made the lambs more aggressive towards the feed bucket, but it has put a smooth cover on them without making them soft to the touch. We not only use it but, we also have all of our show kids using this amazing product. We appreciate the opportunity to use this innovative product.



- Lelton Morse, Morse Club Lambs

Here at Brian Martin Show Cattle, StandAlone gives our cattle that extra pop and freshness to get them to the winner circle! It’s a one of a kind product that we use and recommend!

- Brian Martin, Brian Martin Show Cattle

We use it for several different reasons. One of the reasons we use it is it promotes and stimulates good appetite. Unlike using oils and other products to put fat and condition on them this wont raise their body temperature so they will eat and do well in the summer time.

- Brandon Horn, Horn Livestock

At GKB Cattle, we place a great deal of emphasis on consistency. From our breeding program to the show ring, we strive to consistently excel. While there are many feed additives on the market today, we have had great success with Stand Alone. Our cattle keep that fresh look that everyone strives for, while maintaining a healthy appetite day in and day out.

- Jay Creamer, Herdsman GKB Cattle

Immediately, within a week, I noticed a difference in the way my cattle were eating, performing and staying fresh in the heat of the summer.

- Kody Howe, Blissard Cattle Co.

The amount of time, money and effort we put into stock showing, we want maxiumum results. We had a calf that was just a chronic bloater and when he was on StandAlone his feed efficiency was better. You could see his hair had a shinier coat and he stayed on feed. I was really pleased with the results I saw on him.

- Matt Popelka, CPR Cattle

I recommend for all of my customers to use StandAlone as part of their cattle project. StandAlone’s ability to increase appetite, conversion rate, and vigor is unmatched in the world of supplementation. This allows my cattle to more easily reach their potential and show readiness for that winning edge!

- Kyle McCracken, McCracken Cattle

A lot of the products out their only address one symptom of raising livestock. We really felt the need for a product that could encapsulate everything in one bottle. We made something that could replace multiple additives in today’s market and be successful in doing so.

- Jonathan Hjelmervik, StandAlone Feed, LLC

At J and J Livestock StandAlone Goat is our supplement of choice. We start our weanling kids on it to keep that bloomy look for sales, we use it on our entire show string and recommend it to all of our customers. We notice increased appetite, higher energy and great hide and hair coat.


- Justin Burns, J and J Livestock

As a feeder the hardest task is keeping animals on feed. StandAlone is my g0-to product when preparing sheep and goats for shows. Not only does it help to increase appetites, their skin and hair look fresh. I’ve found out that they don’t stress as much hauling to the shows. It was quoted after the champion goat was selected at Tulsa State Fair, that he “stood alone” compared to the competition in his class. I fully believe that StandAlone allowed his full genetic potential to be brought to the forefront. I will never feed another show animal without using StandAlone again.

- Morgan Hallock,