There are lots of supplements for show animals on the market. We believe that StandAlone is formulated with more key nutrients and at more effective levels than all the rest.

Many have debated about what is a better source for energy, sugar or fat? Through our many years of experience, we believe the truth lies somewhere in-between. This creates a unique blend of multiple source protein and vegetable oil, which combine to promote microbial growth and improve digestion.

The yeast products we include have been developed and tested around the world to ensure we only use the highest quality and most effective ingredients. These ingredients may bind up harmful bacteria, ensuring a healthy digestive environment to keep animals on feed and converting feed to muscle and fat.

One of these yeast products benefit cell replication, which may help reduce stress, increase immune response, fertility, and overall development, can only be found in StandAlone.

The combination of 100% organic trace minerals and rumen protected vitamins benefits joint and hoof health, hair growth and quality, skin quality, fertility, and overall animal health.

With today's superior genetics, the importance on nutritional requirements have grown exponentially. While other supplements may include some of the same ingredients, the levels we use are specifically calculated for your animal to reach their genetic potential.